Huddle Championships: Making Huddle more than a meetup

As Sportwalk wraps up its Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) projects and looks forward to setting things in motion, the Huddle is back after a span of over 70 days.

The next edition of Sportwalk Huddle – ‘Let The Games Begin’ Edition is set to happen this Saturday in Backyard at 03.00 PM. And here’s what we are set to launch.

What is Huddle Championships?

Huddle Championships is a half-yearly tournament held for the participants of the Sportwalk Huddle – Chennai.

A series of fan contests and events will be held throughout the span that will test the cricketing knowledge and the team’s ability to work together. Points will be awarded according to the difficulty of the contests and performance of the teams.

Importantly, it’s a quadrangular tournament with the participants being drafted into the four teams randomly.

How will the players be drafted?

  • The Inaugural draft will be held in this Saturday’s event.
  • Four individuals who have been regular participants of Huddle will be picked as captains by Sportwalk Huddle.
  • The participants (players) will be allocated a draft number each which the captains will not be aware of.
  • In the draft, each captain gets to pick a number in each round and the player with that draft number gets allocated in that team.
  • For example: If a participant X is allocated draft no. 30 and captain A picks no.30, the participant X will join A’s team.
  • Any points won by any individual in the team or the team collectively will be awarded at the end of every Huddle.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the season will be awarded as the champions.
  • A mini draft will be held at the beginning of following editions for the newcomers.

What will be the format of contests?

  • Individual Events (where one player from a team competes against players from other teams)
  • Group Events (where a set of players compete against each other)
  • Team Events (where the entire teams face off against each other)

What do you get?

  • Merchandise from Sportwalk and other partners.
  • Coupons from sports cafes and sports brands.
  • And… new friends!

What are we aiming at?

  • To create a closely knit community of cricket lovers.

How can you get involved?

Be there, this Saturday at Sportwalk Huddle with your partners in crime!

You can register here.