Huddle IPL Fantasy: How Sportwalk plans to engage its community in Chennai

It has been an eventful start for Sportwalk this year with the launch of ‘THE WALL’ comic book back in January. The third edition of Sportwalk Huddle saw over 50 people turn up to participate in the Rahul Dravid quiz and witness the launch of the book.

As we step into what is going to be a super summer with the return of the CSK, we are working on the plans to engage the Huddle community throughout the tournament.

The next edition of Sportwalk Huddle – ‘Summer is Coming’ Edition is set to happen this Saturday in Backyard at 03.00 PM. And here’s what we are set to do. 

Yet another IPL Fantasy? Nope.

While it has become a tradition for Sportwalk to host a quiz in every Huddle, we are planning to couple the quiz with an activity this time around.

The top 10 teams from the Quiz qualify for participating in our IPL fantasy tournament.

Yes,  the points in the fantasy tournament are awarded based on the performance of the players you pick.

No, the players are not auctioned.

Well, how do you pick your fantasy team?

Based on the points scored in the quiz, the teams are sorted in an order (from 1 to 10) and a player draft is conducted.

  • Each team will have a virtual budget of 100 Crores using which they should form a team of 11 players.
  • The player draft consists of 11 rounds and teams can pick an ‘available’ player of their choice in each round.
  • If a player is picked by a team, he is drafted and becomes ‘unavailable’ for others teams.
  • The deduction in purse money is done according to the price on the player list.
  • The teams should fulfill the criteria (role/nationality/price) to be eligible.
  • Points are awarded based on the official IPL fantasy.

Here’s a SlideShare document providing you the complete info on the same.

And, I’m saying more!

Well, the fun here is unlike the online fantasy games, you don’t get to pick every player you want. The player you’d like to have in your time might be picked by someone else before you.

And you have to adapt your plans instantly to pick players who are most likely to create an impact with the bat or the ball.

After all, this is going to test your understanding of the way IPL cricket works.

And how can you get involved?

Be there, this Saturday at Sportwalk Huddle with your partner in crime!

You can register here.